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How To Decrease Bounce Rate Upto 17% in just two Months

How I improved bounce rate by 77% in 60 days 

The higher bounce rate has always been a matter of grave concern for the struggling bloggers like me. They feel it quite disgusting if out of each 100 visitors of your blog 77 of them just exit after reading that post where they landed. It is also not confirm either they read the whole of the landed post, its first paragraph or just they cast a cursory look over it and go away. 

Different pro bloggers tell different sets of tips and tricks to improve the bounce rate. They advise to display reasonable number of related posts just after the contents of your each post. Some of them suggest showing five to seven posts with their continuation separately on Home page. Some others guys want you to offer an extensive list of latest and popular posts in the sidebar of your blog. They all are right but, by following them, we cannot improve the bounce rate beyond a certain level. Is it, so?

Let’s calculate how I improved bounce rate by 77%

In this article, I am going to show how you did I improve the bounce rate of my blog “Pollution Pollution” from worrisome 77% to just 17% in two months. If we calculate in percentage terms, it shows that I managed to hold 60% more visitors on my blog in just two months. Here is its calculation.
Here is its calculation.
  1. Bounce rate in October 2012: 77%
  2. Bounce rate in January 2013: -17%
  3. Difference in bounce rate: 60%
  4. Percentage change: 60/77x100=77%
Here is the screen shot of Google Analytics report of my blog for the month of October 2012.

How did I do that?

Now come to the main question you all have must in your mind. How did I improve my bounce rate from whopping 77% to just 17% in just two months? Did I apply any rocket science of SEO? Did I extraordinarily improve my contents, no not at all. For your kind information, I am a newbie, nonprofessional, amateur and ordinary blogger who don’t have time to give more than half an hour to my blog daily. How did I do that? Don’t worry I am not going to sell here any product, or service that will sink your bounce rate. 

First look at my daily visitors with higher bounce rate

Look at the number of monthly visitors of my site in the above screen shot. That is more than 13,000 per month. It means nearly 400 visitors daily. It had only been six months in October 2012 since, I started my blog in May 2012. It was surprising for me to have such a decent number of visitors on my blog daily. However, that was not much perturbing for me because I read at most of the pro bloggers that Google gives an advantage to new bloggers by referring more and more traffic just to let internet community know about a newly begun blog or website. I was satisfied over this assumption, but my gigantic bounce rate was equally so worrisome for me. You can see this was 76.86%, in the above screenshot. 

Irrelevance of all types is a fatal blow to your blog

This was the secret that made me improve the bounce rate of my blog. Everyone talks about the significance of relevance in blogging, but a few tell us relevance of all types equally counts a lot. If our contents are not relevant to our niche, Google Panda will lash us. If the design of a website is irrelevant to the content, the visitors would take a ridiculous impression of it. Yes, that is the secret which I am going to share with everyone. 

My social media friends visit my blog in my love

I increased traffic on my blog though running a massive campaign on social media. I am an addict of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. I actively participate with my friends, followers and contacts on them. I have limited circles on all these three accounts, but I am very much connected with each of my social-media friend. I don’t forget to wish them separately as much as possible. I send them gifts on their birthdays, promotions and success in their exams. In short, I have strong bonding with them. What they give me in return. Whenever I shared my post with them a flock of visitors, I find on my blog soon after my sharing. They all are my friends, but none of them has any interests in my niche “pollution”. In courtesy, they just visit the post I link to them and they get back just after clicking it. So obviously, the bounce rate of my site has to increase astronomically high. 

I stopped sharing with irrelevant audience?

In the first month of November 2012, I realized the significance of the relevant traffic. Thus, I stopped sharing my posts to social media. Then hell literally fell on me. The traffic on my blog nose-dived. If blog traffic sinks from 400 daily visitors to just 100-150 visitors, what can happen to a novice blogger like me. I used to miss my heart beats sometimes because I was and am very particular to the niche of my blog. This is an abundant source of solace for me that, in this polluted environment I am doing something to safe the environment. 

Bounce rate went deep down

However, after a while I also felt that bounce rate of my blog is going down and down and in previous two months it reached at 17%. That was a pleasant surprise for me. It showed that now I am getting the real customers at my shop. If I am selling flowers no one will stand in my shop, who wants to buy a gun or pistol. Now I can communicate with them easily. Our concerns, worries and hopes are common. This is the community which I want to develop to further my cause of a pollution-free environment. 

Do you believe me?

Do you believe I am speaking truth that the bounce rate of my blog is 17% right now? If you believe in me thank you, else here is the screenshot of my Google Analytics of January 2013. Enjoy interacting with your community but take care of relevance. Hey, hey, wait do share your thoughts with me in the comments section below.


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